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Exposures to Lead

LEAD - Exposure to high levels of lead may cause anemia, weakness; kidney, brain damage; very high lead exposure can even cause death. (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH))
Lead poisoning is a hazard that's ignored by many, and it's enduring to endanger the family especially kids noiselessly. Learn about the sources of lead poisoning and come across with the ways to protect your family from the exposure to lead
Check your home
If you have an old home, have it tested for lead and educate yourself about the potential health hazards. Look for a solution for the hazards you may have. Consult an expert and get your home checked. There can be two ways to check the home for lead
1. Paint is probably the most important and common source of lead. A paint inspection advises you about lead content of different type of painted surfaces in your home. If you are buying a home, signing a lease or planning for home renovation, go for pain inspection.
2. Risk assessment informs you about serious lead source inside the house. Peeling paint and lead dust, etc. can be the source of this dangerous component. What's more? It tells you about the actions you should take to protect your family from exposure of lead.
Hire certified lead-based professionals to do this job. Make certain that the work is done safely, reliably and efficiently.

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Keep up your home in good condition
In order to ensure safety of family, it is crucial to give special attention to the lead-painted surfaces in your house. Even lead based paint in good condition is not dangerous.
  • Inspect your house regularly for chipping, peeling and weakening pain and fix the issue as quick as possible without unnecessary sanding.
  • Painted surfaces that rub together on frequent basis like windows, doors and stairs, etc. must be checked regularly.
  • If you notice any paint chip of dust, remove them carefully with a wet cloth and remove the trash. After that, clean the surface with wet paper towel.
  • Clean the flat surfaces and floors, etc. once in a week at least to control dust.
  • Use vacuum cleaner to clean the uncarpeted floors.
  • If you have carpets and rugs in the house, keep them clean. Go for professional cleaning carpet after regular intervals.
Be ready for renovation
If you are planning for renovation work, look for a lead-safe skilled contractor for home renewal. Your contractor will disturb the lead surfaces during the renovation and repairing. Make sure the renovation contractor you are hiring is trained in lead-safe jobs. Whether it is your house or you are a renter, you must learn how to avoid the risk of lead exposure during the renovation.
Be ready for renovation
Lead can go into drinking water via deterioration of plumbing materials, especially where the water has lofty sourness or low mineral components that decay pipes and other plumbing fixtures. Drinking water assessment is a right method to confirm if the lead is present around you. Regular monitoring of drinking water is necessary. Check the level of lead in driving water and address the issue as soon as possible. Contact local drinking water or certified laboratory for drinking water assessment.
Your family is your biggest responsibility. Protect your family from exposure to dangerous lead and provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment to live.
Reduce your exposure to lead - Gouverment of Canada

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