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Our Home Inspection
It is a walk throught type of Home Inspection, we provide right to the point list of damages, potential problems and suggestions how to fix it with photo documentation.

Perfect for you if you are buying a house or selling your home. The price $699 and 24 hours turn time makes it the most demanded type of inspection.

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Walk Through home inspection
One of our licensed inspectors will walk through the property with you and as he conducts a visual inspection he will inform you of all findings, both good and bad.

A walk-through gives you a good idea of the expenses a home may require - before you make an offer!
* express service is available

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Infra-red home inspection
A detailed inspection of the entire building from the inside out with the Fluke Infrared camera to determine any leaks, heat loss, electrical problems, plumbing problems or simply missing insulation.
* express service is available

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Pre Purchase home inspection
Purchasing a home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make.

Having the home inspected by a qualified professional will help you make a well informed decision.

A proper home inspection will point out positive aspects of the property as well as problems that may not be obvious.
* express service is available

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Pre Sale home inspection
Before listing your property, an inspection with Bartek Inspections will help you better estimate the value of your home.

It will also give you an opportunity to do some repairs or to disclose potential problems, prior to selling, that might otherwise reduce the value of your home. This helps determine any current and future costs and potential liabilities.
* express service is available

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Preventive home inspection
You see a doctor for your annual check-up, you trust him to help keep you healthy. Your home is your investment and needs a regular check-up, it requires repairs and up-keep.

A bit of prevention can go a long way in avoiding costly repairs. Protect your investment!
* express service is available

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New Construction home inspection
New houses have a surprising amount of problems.

It is crucial to find them and have them fixed before your short-lived guarantee expires... so you don't have to cover the costs yourself!

* express service is available

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Air Quality Tests
Most of our exposure to ecological contaminants takes place by inhaling the air indoors. These contaminants come from behavior, goods and resources we use on a daily basis.

The air in our homes and offices can be even more infected than outdoor air. Having waste, contamination and microbes in the air can cause various health issues. Poor indoor air quality can influence health, mood and ability to concentrate.
* express service is available

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Assistance with Insurance Claims
If everything is smooth, filing an insurance claim is easy and quick especially if you go ahead with a strategy.

* express service is available

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Inspection Exterior and interior thorough Inspection.
Report Essential information describing anything wrong, damaged or needing improvment. (Right to the point.)
Photographs Pictures of the key issues.

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Scan Thermo scan of the entire house. FREE
Tests Air quality tests performed on every floor. FREE
Turnaround Express service. One business day. FREE
Total $699 + taxes

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