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Significance of routine indoor air quality tests

We all know about some popular complaint that people feel unwell at work, but not at any other place. Perhaps you chalk it to various allergic reactions, that the office is not cleaned in the way it should be. The fact is, there are chances that your office building itself may be in poor health. The only way to ensure about the indoor conditions is to have your indoor air quality inspected.

Most of our exposure to ecological contaminants takes place by inhaling the air indoors. These contaminants come from behavior, goods and resources we use on a daily basis. The air in our homes and offices can be even more infected than outdoor air. Having waste, contamination and microbes in the air can cause various health issues. Poor indoor air quality can influence health, mood and ability to concentrate.

Air Quality Tests Cost: Due the the nature of this service the price depends on; the time, the number of floors and what kind of actual tests we will perform. Minimum charge is $175.00.

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After inspecting our new building; George provided us with Inspection Report; executive summary, illustrations, implications and photos were very thorough and professional. His expertise and construction knowlegde saved as from making a big mistake.

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What contributes to make indoor air quality polluted?

IAQ can be affected because of one or more than one reasons including
How to maintain quality of indoor air?

Whether it is about your home or office, you must have a strategy to address, put off and ultimately eliminate possible pollutants from your space. The best way to get started is to have your building inspected and tested by certified professionals. Air quality tests exclusively, which type of issue or containment is there in your building. It is not lifetime solution of this problem. It should be a part of routine maintenance to ensure that air you inhale is safe.

Apart from professional air quality tests, you can deal with some issues at your end. You can inspect some certain areas including walls, roof and groundwork, etc. This way, you can prevent the growth of molds before it turns out to be a serious issue. In addition, your air conditioner or heating unit must be kept clean throughout the year.

Benefits of air quality tests

IAQ is an important matter of concern because we all spend 90 percent of our time indoors and repeatedly exposed to various germs and pollutants. It has been proven in some researches, that on an average every person obtains about 70 percent of chemical exposure at home or office. It indicates that places that are well thought-out, safe and sound ironically expose them to some most harmful contaminants.

It is really essential to keep the indoor air quality good. Your family and employees ought to have healthy and fresh air to breathe in. With routine air quality tests, you can get clean air along with some added advantages including

Consult to a certified professional for air quality test now and keep your employees and family, pleased, focused and most prominently, fit.