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Know all about Asbestos and protect your family against dreadful consequences

Asbestos lung cancer is a rare type of lung cancer, which is the most common cause of cancer death in the United States.
An estimated 4,800 deaths a year are linked to this illness, a number that represents about 4 percent of all U.S. fatalities connected to cancer of the lungs.
Discovering asbestos in the home has turned out to be more vital today than ever. Asbestos has long been acknowledged as a very multipurpose substance, and so has its expediency in the construction of various buildings. Nevertheless, it has been exposed in various studies that this material, when breathe into the lungs, can lead to many serious health issues, including lung cancer.
Asbestos fibers, though too small to see with the naked eye, can get inhaled and stuck in the inside layer of the lungs. This in turn can cause to a stipulation known as mesothelioma.
It has been proved that exposure to asbestos fibers is a serious health hazard. Consequently, it is very essential to identify whether you have asbestos in your home.
However, it is important to mention that asbestos-containing materials are not hazardous if they are in good condition. But, is the product that contains this material is damaged, sanded, sawed, drilled or broken in any way, it can cause multiple health issues.

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What products in the home may contain asbestos?
Many buildings that are constructed before 1980 must be checked carefully for this dangerous material. Asbestos was extensively used in floor tiles, roof shingles, siding, insulation, asbestos paper, fireplaces, steam tubing and many more construction materials before 1980. Even some newer homes may contain asbestos fibers. This stuff can be available in any home in one or another form. To be ensured about the existence of this material, it is must to check the entire home carefully.
What if a home contains Asbestos?
It asbestos is found in your home, don't panic. As mentioned earlier, if not damaged, repaired, cut or broken asbestos-containing materials are not risky for your health. Such stuffs must be kept in good condition so that asbestos fibers will not be released. Don't touch any material. If it is damaged to some extent, leave it as it is. However, if it is not in good condition, let the certified experts replace or repair it.
Discovering asbestos is not easy; hire an expert to get peace of mind
If you are planning to renovate your house or your home is damaged in any way, it is the right time to hire a certified professional to inspect the home for asbestos-containing materials. Building material that contains asbestos fibers must be removed carefully by experts only.
It is not easy to identify whether a home contains asbestos or not. The fibers of this material are too small to see; it is thinner than a piece of hair. The only method to discover asbestos fiber is to have a professional inspected sample product. It is essential to hire a professional to do this job proficiently without putting your health at risk. Doing so can cause danger to you and your family, especially if you don' have right tool and proper knowledge. If you discovered any product with asbestos anyhow, leave it untouched.
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